Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The life of plants & Animals on land and in water

We know that the earth's surface has two parts . They are land & water the land & the water surface are surrounded by air . The land , water & air are the non-living (biotic) Components of the environment . They Provide the Habitial or the conditions for the living (biotic) Components of the environment .
If you visit on open filed, you will see many types of big trees, bushes & small flowering plants you will also see butter files , birds grass hoppers , cows, goats & sheep . If you visit a lake or pond you many find grass on the banks , water hyacinths, water lilies , lotus & floating plants.
you may also see froge & fishes.
You have noticed that there is a difference between plants and animals found on land &the plants and animals found is water why is it so?

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