Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Child labour

When my mother died.I was very young and my father sold mo while get my tougue could scarcly cry weep! weep! weep! so your chimuys I sweep & in root Isleep
(The chimuly sweepers)
It is true to every society were child labour is practised. It is a social evil on 12th june 2003 has been choosen child labour is likely to harm health safity or woral of children. children are exploited to work for long hours for small pay.It effect their physical psychological & woral growth.
Child slavery is a crime & punishable offence . Child labour is highest in Africa
it is 41% , in Latien America 17% in Asia 21% in India 44 million child workers & in pakistan 10% & Nigeria has 12 million child workers. Arlicals 24 of India constitution prohibits employment of children 986 amendment for recruitment of a child.

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